Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm officially a housewife...

New favourite obsession: Free Samples.

I've always loved free samples at Costco, I have even stolen my dad's Costco card in order to feed myself when I'm in the Costco area. By the way, free samples at Costco...hit me up y'all.

Anyway, now I've taken my love of free shit to the next level, the housewife level! I have applied for 15 different free samples over the internet yesterday. 15 seperate products and I ordered four Snuggies. One for myself, and three for friends and family. And what I mean by that is I ordered a Snuggie to each of my parent's houses and one to Andie's house without them knowing. Comedic gold. "What the hell? Why is there a Snuggie on my porch?" I'm so excited.

Products I've ordered to sample include:
- Diapers (for Leigh-Ann)
- Diaper bag of free shit (for Leigh-Ann)
- Formula (for Leigh-Ann)
- A whole bag of Purina Puppy food
- Pet Perks Program which includes Welcome Kit and $150 savings coupons.
- Powerbar
- Cosmetics
- 4 different detergents
- 4 different chocolate products
- A Gilette sampler which includes razors, shaving cream and body wash
- 2 different pain relief gels
- Stress relief bodywash
- 2 Energy drinks
- Conditioner

Oh and by the way, November 1st between 2 and 4pm @ KFC you can try a new chicken filet they have for FREE.

On a side note, I love my job. Great hours. Good pay. Good people. I'm going to keep this one.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Greatest Achievements

I'm so proud of myself.

Tonight I believe I'm going to be coheresed into going out to the bars. Ugh. Not a fan of Funk Night anymore, but huge fan of Jason. He's ever so dreamy, single dreamboat perhaps?

I've been listening to a lot Taking Back Sunday lately and I'm more into them then ever. I'm so bummed that Angelica and I couldn't go see them when we had the chance. Oh well, there's always next tour. Yee dig.

I'm on the hunt for a new PART-TIME job, so I won't feel the need to quit so immediately after being hired. But while I'm unemployed I'm going to enjoy cooking and reading. I'm reading the Encylopedia of Serial Killers right now and I'm so terrified and fascinated at the same time. This book is courtesy of Jason, a well read hunk of man meat, and I intend on reading every book in his collection.

Well, I'm going to go pick a fight with my greatest achievement of all, Justin!