Sunday, January 30, 2011

No baby, no worries

Mackymoo is not here today. He's with his papa until tomorrow. Normally I would take this opportunity to go out and get "slizzered" as it were, but I'm still recovering. So what are my non-baby type plans?

MOVIE DAY! Movies all day without interruption. Babies are all about interrupting movies.

Movie 1: Disney's Treasure planet.

Movie 2: Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Movie 3: Titan A.E.

There's a bit of a theme. So excited.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It was the year 2009;

Ben Somer is playing a show with babydaddy February 24th at Mansion House. Ben Somer is so much more to me than just another folk musician. Ben Somer makes me feel more than nostalgic.

Every time I listen to Ben Somer ( ), I vividly remember walking up the stairs to 22 Hetheringtion Street. I can see the pile of shoes in the entrance way and smell the sweet, musty scent of reefer from Ken's room. I can hear the roommates laughing and coughing all through the house. There was so much love in that house. One by one the roommates moved on and out, but I'll always remember it fondly.

I can remember playing "Like You're Praying" over and over to mend a broken heart. I was so blind to what was really going on. No one likes the feeling of being replaced. There were times when going to 22 felt like I was being slapped in the face. Out of sight, out of mind doesn't work being in the same room with your old sweetheart. That was ages ago, but whenever I play that song, I remember.

I remember hugging friends and talking loudly at 73. All the shows, laughs, photos, fights, hugs. The excitement of a free music scene. Playing ticket-taker when needed. Drinking wine masked in metal water bottles like I was underage. Ben Somer helps me remember these forgotten memories.

I'm so happy where I am today and so thankful for 2009 and all it's memories, good and bad. If I hadn't met that ol' flame, I would never have gone to 22. I would never have met Timur, Sam, Ken, Janine, Joe and of course JJ. I wouldn't have my beautiful baby boy without him.

I would never have heard Ben Somer.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arghgrhrhhhh So hard to keep this train a moving

We are finally going to get internetz this week so I can have an updated blog. Woohoo.

No internetz= grrrrrr

Anywho, I've had surgery to remove the kidney stones and stent from my body. Can I hear a HALLELUJAH?! Seven months they've taken residence in my urinary system, but the eviction has taken place! Unfortunately, this means four weeks of recovery and no picking up objects that weigh over ten pounds. Mack weighs well over ten pounds. Again, I am saddened.

I think I'm the only person that does not have a Twitter or a Tumblr. I like Tumblr because you basically post crap you think is cool. Short image posts that make people smile.

Twitter however I do not understand. My fifteen year old sister described it to me as a website of just Facebook statuses. Which is cool, but Facebook has status updates. Why do I need a Twitter and a Facebook? Do I double post one status or is one status only for Facebook and the other, Twitter?

Finally, I've decided to chop all my hair off in hopes that my son can longer pull it out. As much as I love glamourous big hair, my son loves to yank on it more. Five-month-olds have a very firm grip and no remorse. I figure by the time my hair grows long again Mackenzie will no longer play tug of war with my tresses.

Hello new hair, how I'll miss my ponytails.