Friday, January 29, 2010

This eggo is definitely preggo

I had canned chili yesterday. I really wish we had sour cream to go with it. That's how I eat my chili, canned or not. It was good, but now my craving for chili is gone. I feel bad cause he went out and got me four different cans. WOAH! If we had fries here, I could make chili fries. So tasty.

Now that I'm pregnant, all I think about is food and ways to eat food. I've never really considered food this much before. I've never been bulimic either, but being pregnant feels kinda similar except when I throw up, I'm not happy about it. I nom nom nom and run, run, run to the bathroom.

I also nap more. Were you aware that a pregnant woman expends more energy lying on the couch than a bodybuilder does at the gym? I know, pretty crazy right?

My biggest complaint is the enlargement of my body. I can't wear my regular bras. I can't wear my skinny jeans. I've got nothing to wear, but pajamas and oversized t-shirts. I miss bras and skinny jeans. I really do.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I've decided to go home tonight, after JJ gets off work. I miss Milo a lot and I should really help Justin pack. We're leaving in a week.

Going home is going to be so much fun. My roomies are going to be so happy to see me. We're going to have a great time together and everything will be rainbows and kittens.

Ha ha ha. It isn't going to be rainbows and kittens (with the exception of Milo), however drama doesn't shake me. Things have changed and I'm glad for it.

JJ is no longer cleaning the kitchen except for his own dishes. He will not vacuum except for his room only. I'm really proud of him.

Don't even get me started on the dog. You know how I feel and what I've done and I'm not doing it anymore.

The last week I live there is going to be awesome. This is what happens when you don't give a fuck.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was almost the best day ever.

Thai lunch, mani+pedi, prescription filled, Arby's. Unfortunately, I did not get to see some lovely ladies because my new meds make me very sleepy. Although I'll pick a nap over throwing up, anytime.


I play Sims 3 all day.

I'm raising twin girls and my toddler son all while becoming the Chess Champion from my own home. My husband is a bank robber, so bills get paid and I get sweet stolen paintings to sell. It's a wonderful life.

Eventually JJ will come over and I'll have to face reality. Until then, bring on the twins.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's agenda:

- Get prescription filled. No more puke-a-thon.
- Eat Spicy Thai.
- Get nails did.

Perhaps hang out with some lovely ladies this evening?

Best day ever and I'm sharing it with momma.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shower days

When you have a really good shower, everything feels better. I feel like I washed away all my guilt, pain and sadness. I also feel like I washed away a week's worth of tears and stress. I smell fucking fantastic too. I feel so good, I bust out the red lipstain. Lipstick ain't my thing.

I was prescribed some meds for my constant puke-a-thon. Basically, I take two at night and in the morning I won't feel like Mount Krakatoa. Sounds good, right? It would, if the prescription weren't $90. I looked at the pharmacist and said, "I'd rather puke". She started laughing until she saw that I was serious. She tried to get me to go for it, "You need to eat for the baby inside you". I told her that I could wait till my momma put it under her benefits plan. The woman told me that having parents is helpful when you're so young.

I'm pretty sure she thought I was 16. That's a good show by the way, "16 and Pregnant".

JJ is going to come over and rub my tummy and feet. I'm so fucking happy I get to see him. I'm going to rub his feet too, he works 50 hours a week. He deserves it, especially since I'm not cooking anymore. The smell of anything makes me puke.

A woman has 70 chores to do; cook and 69.