Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guess who's back?

I am!

I am 34 weeks pregnant as of Thursday and boy has it been a bumpy ride. I am 33 pounds heavier and 100 times whinier. I hate walking, breathing, peeing and basically pretty much living these days. I can't sleep. There are no comfortable positions when you're as big as a house. Since I can't sleep I am always tired and frequently "rest", which is sitting my butt down whenever possible. I am usually found sitting on the floor of any store I visit.

I'm doing okay as far as kidney stone pain. I had the surgery to place the stent, but the stent really isn't that comfortable either. Once baby comes out, the kidney stones do as well. I'm very excited for September!

The baby shower went well. It was great to see so many smiling, happy faces. The cake was fantastic. The barbeque tofu was pretty fantastic as well. Everyone had a pretty good time, at least that's what I was told. I enjoyed seeing all of mine and Justin's friends. It's so hard to get out and enjoy things these days, so I barely see anyone really.

My most recent cravings are fried tofu and Diet Pepsi. Applesauce and pita bread are big hits as well. Justin makes the best fried tofu ever. I love my man so much!

I'm so ready for the fall to come. Summer end soon!