Sunday, August 1, 2010

No dignity

I recently had a 50 year old woman feel up my ladybits. I could end the blog there, but I feel like an explaination is in order.

I had an ECG done last week and I was under the impression that I could at least wear a bra during the procedure. Nope, the nurse basically told me to strip it down for the waist up and gave me a "privacy sheet" to wrap around myself. So I do so and she rips it down past my chest and just leaves my belly covered! Thanks for not looking at my stretch marks... really cared about that when my boobs are out. I so did not want to give her eye contact, but she wanted to have a pleasent conversation throughout the procedure. Awesome.

Lately I've been obsessed with reading and saving new recipes. I love it. I have never been more addicted to a website than I am with I have at least six different casseroles lined up.

Tuesday I have another ultrasound. I'm so excited. Please be a giant baby so you can come out early! I'm going to eat as much sugar as possible, hopefully he gains two pounds. He probably won't though.

Back to my recipes.