Saturday, February 5, 2011


My baby boy is gone for the weekend. I miss him already. He's starting his baby solids and can sit unassisted for a whole twenty seconds!

In other sad news, Justin is gone all weekend for recording. So not only is my baby gone, but my baby daddy as well. The weather is horrible and he's going all the way to Toronto. I really hope he's okay up there. I miss his beard already.

And finally, I need to find a new home for my beloved Sirius. We adopted him when I was going into surgery to be a companion for our other cat, Milo. I would be in the hospital for a week at a time and the company was good for Milo. When I started spending more and more time at my own home, I realised that poor Sirius was becoming unhappy.

Sirius is a lot like a puppy. He comes when he's called, he sits in your lap or at your feet, he sleeps on his back. However like a puppy, he needs a lot of attention and with a very busy five month old, I can't give him the attention he deserves. I feel really bad when I have to push him away when Mack needs something. It breaks my heart, but I know he'd be happier somewhere he doesn't have to compete for affection. It's going to be hard to find him a new home.


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