Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shower days

When you have a really good shower, everything feels better. I feel like I washed away all my guilt, pain and sadness. I also feel like I washed away a week's worth of tears and stress. I smell fucking fantastic too. I feel so good, I bust out the red lipstain. Lipstick ain't my thing.

I was prescribed some meds for my constant puke-a-thon. Basically, I take two at night and in the morning I won't feel like Mount Krakatoa. Sounds good, right? It would, if the prescription weren't $90. I looked at the pharmacist and said, "I'd rather puke". She started laughing until she saw that I was serious. She tried to get me to go for it, "You need to eat for the baby inside you". I told her that I could wait till my momma put it under her benefits plan. The woman told me that having parents is helpful when you're so young.

I'm pretty sure she thought I was 16. That's a good show by the way, "16 and Pregnant".

JJ is going to come over and rub my tummy and feet. I'm so fucking happy I get to see him. I'm going to rub his feet too, he works 50 hours a week. He deserves it, especially since I'm not cooking anymore. The smell of anything makes me puke.

A woman has 70 chores to do; cook and 69.

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