Friday, January 29, 2010

This eggo is definitely preggo

I had canned chili yesterday. I really wish we had sour cream to go with it. That's how I eat my chili, canned or not. It was good, but now my craving for chili is gone. I feel bad cause he went out and got me four different cans. WOAH! If we had fries here, I could make chili fries. So tasty.

Now that I'm pregnant, all I think about is food and ways to eat food. I've never really considered food this much before. I've never been bulimic either, but being pregnant feels kinda similar except when I throw up, I'm not happy about it. I nom nom nom and run, run, run to the bathroom.

I also nap more. Were you aware that a pregnant woman expends more energy lying on the couch than a bodybuilder does at the gym? I know, pretty crazy right?

My biggest complaint is the enlargement of my body. I can't wear my regular bras. I can't wear my skinny jeans. I've got nothing to wear, but pajamas and oversized t-shirts. I miss bras and skinny jeans. I really do.

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